VARGAS VTT N55/S55 “Spline Lock” Crank Hub Solution
VARGAS VTT N55/S55 “Spline Lock” Crank Hub Solution
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VARGAS VTT N55/S55 “Spline Lock” Crank Hub Solution

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Product Description

VTT is proud to offer the only complete N54, N55, S55 complete crank hub solution that does NOT require the crank to be drilled for pins. Our hub uses our proprietary “Spline Lock” technology that uses high tolerance machined splines which press into the crank, and positively lock the hub to the crank. The splines are machined in such a way that rotational forces drive the hub, and splines deeper into the crank meaning when the hub encounters a situation that would normally slip a stock hub the splined hub is driven into the crank to keep it in place (much like a splined extractor). We spent many months testing, and retesting this design, utilizing well over 10 different samples to come to our final production version. During testing, our final hub managed to break our testing rig before slipping. These have been bench-tested, and real-world tested on the VTT N54 race car spinning 8K RPM, and making well over 900WHP. This technology means our hub installs the same as a stock hub, no drilling of the crank, which means MUCH less labor is involved and is reversible is ever wanting to be uninstalled leaving no holes in the crank. The “Spline Lock” is ONLY available with the VTT Crank bolt capture for the ULTIMATE Crank Hub solution for your BMW. These parts are designed to be used together, and the spline lock should not run without the CBC

VTT “Spline Lock” Crank hubs are CNC manufactured from 440C tool Steel with a Rockwell rating of HRC60 for the ultimate in durability, and toughness.

We offer the hubs in 2 ways.

  • Hub Only – $699
  • Hub Only with VTT Crank bolt capture – $749
  • Hub Plus OEM bolt, OEM Oil pump sprocket, OEM oil sprocket retainer, and VTT Crank bolt capture – $799

We suggest the Crank Hub System ONLY be installed by a qualified shop or technician. Timing tools are 100% REQUIRED if installed improperly engine damage may occur.

DISCLAIMER: The no-slip guarantee is ONLY in place when installed by a CERTIFIED VTT Install center. Outside of that VTT is not responsible for any engine damage caused by improper installation, or misuse of the crank hub solution. The product comes with no warranty as it is intended as a race part only. Our install guide is meant to assist a skilled technician when installing this part. Procedures differ from the factory and should be followed according to the guide. We cannot warranty the OEM parts sold with these kits, if an issue is found we can speak with BMW about a replacement.