Performance Eurowerks



Performance Eurowerks has many years of experience molding cars for enhanced street and race track use.  Over time we have worked with many industry leaders to provide solutions to improve handling, increase braking performance, and augmenting power output.

We do our best to test all of the hardware and ECU software to assure they meet our high standard.  Ultimately, we want to assure that the choices we present you will provide great reliability and performance.

All our of performance packages are bespoke to your needs and aspirations.  For any vehicle modification inquiries, feel free to share about some of the goals with your build in the contact form here.


Engine management software tuning is very crucial in assuring reliability and consistent performance from the many stages of power hardware upgrades.  Different hardware upgrades can change the volumetric efficiency of the motor.  It is very important to address the software side to strive for optimal functionality of the motor, sensors, and fuel-ignition system.

We are the North American distributor and flashing center for the German tuner, mcchip-DKR.  They have well over a decade of software calibration experience.  All of their products are very thoroughly tested on the dyno, street, and race track.  We do all of the ECU tuning in-house with their remote assistance.  Between our respective entities, we have a very efficient system in place that strives for very punctual service.


Whether stock to a fully upgraded race suspension, chassis tuning has multiple levels of intricacy in providing a path to the greatest grip advantage.  In our many years of racing and track testing, we are able to provide chassis alignment settings that suit your driving style, car hardware, and race track.  Everyone has different forms of use with their car, so we are able to recommend proper spring rates, dampers, and mounting hardware that suits all intention.



We offer full dyno services on our AWD Dynojet 424x with Linx System. The Linx System ensures that both the front and rear wheels are rotating at the same speed, which is needed on these newer vehicles. Our dyno is supported with a high velocity fan system to allow for adequate cooling even in the dead of summer. Contact us for NASA, SCCA & GLTC Dyno Certification requests.



We are a NASA certified tech inspection facility. We compete and represent many drivers in various racing series from SCCA & NASA to the new GLTC racing series as well as weekend HPDE.