Axels Automotive

Services We Offer

From Vehicle Inspections to Maintenance, and even Performance, 
we're here to keep your vehicle performing the best it can. 

Vehicle Inspections

Buying a used vehicle? Want to know the condition it is in? We offer full vehicle inspections to assess the current state of your vehicle. 


Is it time for the Service already? From oil changes to engine rebuilds.  We are here to make sure your vehicle is safe and operating great. 


Do you have an issue that need to be diagnosed? No matter the size of the problem, out state of the art tool and trained professionals can figure it out.  


Do you want to protect or upgrade your cars appearance? We offer a line of services to keep your car looking great. From standard details, to ceramic coatings, paint protection films and window tinting 


Do you have a Classic Mercedes that need attention? Axel has been working on Mercedes-Benz from the day he could hold a wrench.  We have many of the special tools and literature as far back as the 1930’s for Mercedes Benz. 


Is your vehicle feeling sluggish, or you just want a little more?  We partner with industry leaders, such as, RENNtech, APR, and Dinan to offer you the performance upgrades you desire.